Professional Delivery Service Insurance

When using vehicles in your business, one thing is clear: You need commercial auto insurance. And Reaves & Co. can help with coverage options that reduce risk and improve operations. Because we are also a small business owner, so we understand the unique challenges of commercial driving in today’s increasingly distracted world.

Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are typically all white, windowless, with two front seats and a large empty cargo area in the back. These usually have a large exterior space to advertise a company logo/name.


Passenger Vans

Passenger vans usually seat 12-15 people and are commonly used by organizations to transport members to different outings.


Mini Vans


Most people associate minivans with family, but many businesses are also transforming them into commercial vehicles. If you're using a minivan for business purposes, we'll likely insure it. And yes, that counts minivans you use for both personal and business reasons.



Food Trucks


Food trucks face unique risks while driving and operating, especially if serving alcohol.

  • Mobile business interruption coverage available on the auto policy is designed to indemnify you for income lost when a vehicle used as a mobile business is out of commission due to a covered loss.


  • Our primary mobile food vendor insurance provides coverage for business property carried on your truck, equipment breakdowns, and money and securities.


  • We offer generous limits in coverage for food spoilage and food-borne illness.




A contractor’s truck is filled with expensive tools and equipment — leaving you with the risk of damage or theft as it’s driven to job sites and parked for the day. Reaves & Co. will help as you choose personalized coverage for the tools of your trade.


We also explain options when indemnity agreements require something called primary and non-contributory coverage. With this insurance, the general contractor’s coverage won’t be responsible for covered damage caused by you — the subcontractor.